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How to export and import Bandizip settings

You may export and import the settings which are currently applied to Bandizip on your system. Exporting and importing the settings of Bandizip will make it easy to change the detailed settings after you reinstall Bandizip, even when you format the computer or use a new one later.

Export the settings

  1. In the Advanced Settings of Bandizip, click Export Bandizip Settings. Specify a destination folder to export the settings, and Bandizip creates a file with the extension REG in the destination folder as shown below.
  2. Keep the created REG file well in your storage media (such as a USB drive) or cloud storage.

Import the settings

  1. When you format the computer or use a new one later, install Bandizip again and make a copy of the REG file on your computer.
  2. Open the REG file, and click Yes or OK when the following dialog boxes are displayed. Run Bandizip and you can find that the settings which you exported before are fully applied.


Close all open windows of Bandizip first before opening the REG file; the settings cannot be imported otherwise.